Metalizz provides a full range of innovative post-treatment solutions for composite and plastic parts from 3D printing or traditional processes, from prototypes to production runs.

Metalizz develops, designs and manufactures systems to be integrated into the manufacturing processes of its customers operating in a number of industries: from luxury goods (leather goods, cosmetics and jewellery) to microelectronics taking in aeronautics, aerospace and the car industry.

Metalizz helps engineers and designers around the world transform their ambitious ideas into successes.

We are convinced that we all have a role to play in creating the world of tomorrow. Our vision is to be part of the evolution indeed revolution in additive manufacturing, capitalising on innovation and eco-efficiency to offer the solutions of tomorrow.

What drives us is being able to widen the field of possibilities by creating value over the long term. We contribute our know-how in order to enable our customers to firm up their projects by designing innovative post-treatment solutions.

Respect – Collaboration – Open mindedness – Innovation

We are convinced that there can be no profit without respecting the people around us and the planet on which we live.

In 2020, alongside the 3 founding associates, C2AD – the investment capital tool of Crédit Agricole des Savoie and Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes – joined us in the adventure with investment funds from CASRA Capital.

BPI and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region also decided to join in with our development through specific financing solutions.

We are proud to be supported by and associated with private and public bodies who help support and develop innovative companies in France.

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Innovate to serve you better, that's our philosophy!

Metalizz is committed to a global approach in developing processes with high added value, which make the most of natural resources and reduce their impacts on the environment while contributing to the competitiveness of industrial concerns. That is why our processes are patented, we manufacture in France, notre fabrication est made in France and our range of reagents is formulated by ourselves to exploit the potential of our machines to the maximum while minimising our ecological impact..

We collaborate with customers in a wide variety of industries to create with them reliable, high-performance and eco-efficient solutions.

Present in the fields of luxury goods, fashion, jewellery and watchmaking, telecoms, aeronautics and aerospace industries, car manufacture, medical industry, optics and research, we will be able to support you in implementing a solution adapted to your requirements.


Taking care of human beings and the planet

We also consider the safety of people and protection of the environment.

We limit our ecological impact:
Fleche metalizz blanche our machines have low material and energy consumption,
Fleche metalizz blanche our chemical solutions are, almost completely, free of CMRs – Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic compounds
Fleche metalizz blanche our varnishes contain few VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – for optimal rendition,
Fleche metalizz blanche our filtration systems are specific to the products used.

In addition, we offer a recovery service for used chemical reagents.


– At your service –

Philippe SAPET

Founder & Managing Director
Innovation Manager

25 ans d’expérience dans l’électrodéposition, le traitement de surface et les matériaux, Philippe est passionné par les nouvelles technologies, la fabrication additive et… la guitare acoustique.


Stéphane MENARD

Associate and Executive vice-president
Chemical engineer

Expert en formulation de solutions chimiques et le traitement de surface, Stéphane apporte sa vision industrielle et insuffle son sens du collectif inspiré de sa pratique du basket.



Sales and marketing director

Deux décennies et demi dans le business development et le pilotage financier, Vanessa aime les nouveaux challenges, les voyages, l’art et, en bonne épicurienne, la cuisine italienne !


Romain SAPET

Design Manager

La conception et l’informatique sont ses domaines de prédilection. Féru de CAO et de développement software, Romain est également fan de Elon Musk.



Test manager

Curieux et rigoureux, Robin déploie toute son ingéniosité pour tester les limites des matériaux de vos pièces. Passionné de Formule 1, il se fait un malin plaisir à tester toutes les gommes.



Sales administrator

Dénicheuse de solutions, adepte des achats et de la logistique, sourire au téléphone, Chloé sait reconnaitre les bonnes affaires : le shopping est son art.


An in-house R&D division

To work with you on innovation, in addition to our Research & Development division run in-house and our Test Centre, we regularly collaborate with scientific research organisations both public and private such as the Additive Manufacturing department of the CEA (French atomic energy commission) and the CT-IPC (French industrial technical centre for plastics and composites) with its department dedicated to research and to the aim of raw materials.

To meet the challenges of polymer additive manufacturing and adhere as closely as possible to new uses in the field of post-treatment and finishing, we are members of:

  • Polyvia – Professional association of the Plastics engineering and Composites industry,
  • Polymeris – Competitive cluster of Rubbers, Plastics and Composites. 

We also support Matériautech Matériautech – Physical and virtual area of the industrial performance division of Polyvia – as industrial partner.


Tell us about your projects, we'll help you bring them to fruition.