Fara D Layer®

Why shielding?

Depending on the target application and environment, shielding is used to:

  • attenuate the electromagnetic field either ambient or emitted by a device received by the circuits, in order to make it compliant with radiated emission standards,
  • produce a screen around wiring,
  • improve electrical continuity between cable shielding and the chassis of a device and the equipotential bonding of the grounds of a system or a site.
Utility Silver Layer - métallisation et galvanoplastie


EMI shielding on polymers

The use of plastic materials and composites and the increasing use of polymer additive manufacturing within industry raises the issue of bringing electrical and electronic components into compliance with regard to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.

the concept of the Faraday cage – equipment enclosed in a metal box = zero emission, zero reception; it is often cited in the literature; it is rarely indispensable!

Indeed, EMC for most electronic devices may be satisfied through more realistic shielding solutions.

Bien que la méthode de blindage consiste à cover the interior with plastic casings by a conductive metal deposit. 

It is commonly used and has significant disadvantages: outsourcing of the service (delays, costs, risks, etc.), use of random processes such as metallic paints and inks.

Chemical metallization

Metallization as a solution

Metalizz offers a turnkey solution. Industrial, with its chemical metallization process. Fara D Layer® has been specially developed for electromagnetic shielding, applications on polymers and composite materials.

Fara D Layer® is a range of conductive metal coatings, obtained by spraying a silver-based solution. It’s at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Produced exclusively using the Metalfog. Fara D Layer® offers the advantage of internalizing the shielding process EMI. In complete autonomy, it internalizes with a simple and fast implementation, without questioning the design and dimensional accuracy of the parts.

Fara D Layer® is a water-based solution (zéro COV) et sans additifs Cancérigène Mutagène Reprotoxique (CMR), respectueuse des Hommes et de l’environnement.

Métallisation chimique, CEM pièces impression 3D


Fara D Layer® is used for electromagnetic shielding in telecommunications, aeronautics, the defence sector. It is also used for its high conductivity in electrical connectors and components.

Ideal for replacing aluminium enclosures by lighter plastic parts. Fara D Layer® est particulièrement apprécié des acteurs européens de la filière des drônes.



Produced exclusively using the Metalfog :

  • cold process, without cooking.
  • 5 minutes on average.
  • compatible with most polymers and composites.
  • thickness from 1 to 5 µm, adaptable as needed.
  • Low deposition mass: 9 times less than copper for equivalent shielding.
  • high conductivity of silver.
  • significant attenuation in a single automated operation.

EM shielding properties: attenuation of 70 dB between 10 MHz and 10 GHz with a coating of 500nm*.

*The efficacy of the shielding depends on the thickness of the deposit, the frequencies to be attenuated and their power.