Fara D Layer

Why shielding?

Depending on the target application and environment, shielding is used to:

  • attenuate the electromagnetic field either ambient or emitted by a device received by the circuits, in order to make it compliant with radiated emission standards,
  • produce a screen around wiring,
  • improve electrical continuity between cable shielding and the chassis of a device and the equipotential bonding of the grounds of a system or a site.
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EMI shielding on polymers

The use of plastic materials and composites and the increasing use of polymer additive manufacturing within industry raises the issue of bringing electrical and electronic components into compliance with regard to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.

Although the concept of the Faraday cage - equipment enclosed in a metallic housing = zero emitted, zero received - is often mentioned in the literature, it is rarely made essential!

Indeed, EMC for most electronic devices may be satisfied through more realistic shielding solutions.


Although the screening method involving covering the interior of plastic boxes with a conducting metallic deposit is often used, it has some well-known disadvantages: outsourcing of the service (lead times, costs, risks, etc.), use of random products such as metallic paints and inks.

Chemical metallization

Metallization as a solution

Metalizz offers a turnkey and industrial solution with its chemical metallization process and, in particular Fara D Layer specially developed for electromagnetic shielding applications on polymers and composite materials.

Fara D Layer is a range of conducting metallic coatings obtained by spraying a silver-based solution at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Produced exclusively using the Metalfogoffers the advantage of bringing the EMI shielding process in-house, fully autonomously and simple and quick to use, without jeopardising the design or dimensional accuracy of the parts.

Fara D Layer is a water-based solution (zero VOC), free of Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic agents (CMR) and which is both people- and environment-friendly.

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FFara D Layer is used for electromagnetic shielding in the telecoms, aeronautics and defence industries as well as for its high connectivity in connectors and electrical components.

Ideal for replacing aluminium boxes by lighter plastic ones, Fara D Layer is especially appreciated by those involved in the European drones industry.



Produced exclusively using the Metalfog :

  • cold process, no curing,
  • carried out in 5 mins on average,
  • compatible with most polymers and composites,
  • thickness form 1 to 5 µm, adaptable according to needs,
  • low weight of deposit: 9 times lower than copper for equivalent shielding,
  • high conductivity of silver,
  • significant attenuation in a single automated operation. significative en une seule opération automatisée.

EM shielding properties: attenuation of 70 dB between 10 MHz and 10 GHz with a coating of 500nm*.

*The efficacy of the shielding depends on the thickness of the deposit, the frequencies to be attenuated and their power.


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