Cleaner is a range of surface cleaning and decontamination processes which meet the requirements of those involved in polymer and metal additive manufacture along with users of composite materials.

Ces traitements, respectueux de l’homme et de l’environnement, utilisent des solutions nettoyantes sans IPA ni CMR et ont été adaptés pour une mise en œuvre dans notre machine Uscleaner.



Why cleaning and decontamination?

To carry out all the steps following 3D printing, it is essential to work on materials and surfaces which are as clean and neutral as possible. Indeed, the initial surface finish often determines the final surface finish of the parts.

The diversity of materials and the fragility of the parts manufactured increase the number of surface cleaning processes and consequently, the devices needed.

We rightly want to reduce the number of machines while offering different cleaning and decontamination processes.

Several automated processes = only 1 device.


The reason we decided to design our own processes is because we haven't found solutions which are in line with our vision of cleaning, including the issue of efficiency while limiting manual operations. This is how the Cleaner cleaning range came into being.


The Cleaner range

The surface cleaning and decontamination processes carried out by the Cleaner range are based on a winning combination of chemistry and technology :

  • liquid solvents with little or no impact on humans and the environment,
  • ultrasonic waves generating micro-bubbles which hit the objects with speeds of 100 m/s,
  • continuous filtration device for optimum efficiency,
  • mechanical rotation system for continually renewing the action of the solvent in contact with the parts unlike with traditional ultrasound tanks,
  • integrated surface skimmer.

In this way we build up a number of advantages over existing basic solutions.



The Cleaner processes are particularly suited to final removal of powder from hollow bodies made by Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) as well as dissolution of the UV resin layer remaining on the surface and in the cavities of the parts.

Ideal for facilitating removal of wax from parts with 3D-printed soluble supports, the Cleaner range can also be used for the degreasing and decontamination of metallic and composite parts after machining. pièces métalliques et composites.



Produced exclusively using the Uscleaner :

  • shortened cleaning cycle,,
  • little or no manual handling,
  • solutions chimiques sans IPA ni CMR,
  • ultrasound wave assistance,
  • continuous fine filtration to lengthen the service life of the solvents,
  • sequestration of organics,
  • heat regulation system to avoid overheating due to the use of ultrasounds,
  • treatment in flexible pockets or in bulk,
  • improvement in surface tension,
  • no surface alteration..